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Focused Wellness


At Focused Post Acute Care, we are focused on our team member's well-being. The Focused Wellness was founded in September 2017 to provide our team members the support and resources to live healthier, better lives. Initiatives are developed by our Wellness Department based on identified needs as well as team member's interests and continuously evolve as these change.

We believe that if you LIVE WELL, you will BE WELL and therefore WORK WELL.

Focused Care develops care approaches that treat the individual, recognizing our health and well-being is as unique as our DNA. We are here to improve health and well-being, offer compassion, listen and guarantee your Focused Care experience is meaningful.


Live Well. Be Well. Work Well.

Wellness Pillars

  • Mind - Education
    • Focused Wellness Blog
    • Be Well Newsletter
    • Online Webinars
    • Lunch and Learns
    • L.E.A.D. Well Program
  • Body - Action
    • Annual Biometric Screening
    • Health Coaching
    • Challenges (Steps, Nutrition, Sleep, Hydration and More)
    • Anytime Fitness Corporate Partnership (discounted rate for gym memberships)
  • Spirit - Reflection
    • The Journal Project
    • Zen Space
    • Disconnect After 5 Policy
  • Social - Involvement
    • Team Member Building Activities
    • Volunteering Locally
    • Participation in Community Events
    • Relationship Building


    Full-time Team Members at Focused Post Acute Care Partners


  • Increase team member awareness of current health via annual biometric screenings
  • Offer resources, tools and support for team members to improve their health and well-being year over year
  • Provide a monthly wellness focus with resources, tools, and support that allow team members to incorporate into their daily routines
  • Decrease company claims on disease management such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.
  • Develop a culture within Focused Post Acute Care that focuses on personal wellness and lifestyle management

Team Member Benefits

  • Awareness of current health along with resources to help make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Personal results that are not shared with anyone at Focused Post Acute Care Partners
  • Access to a secure online or mobile portal that allows tracking of personal goals such as nutrition, sleep, and fitness activity.
  • Support with trained health professionals, company challenges to compete against team members, monthly webinars and more!
  • Ability to see the impact of lifestyle choices have on personal health and well-being year over year
  • Wellness Rewards for participation in events, challenges, and health improvement
  • Participation in the annual Focused Cup Challenge

Current Offerings

  • Private social website for team members to interact throughout program
  • Online and app portal for tracking quarterly challenges, nutrition, physical activity and more
  • Pilot launch on February 13, 2017 for all Corporate, Administrator and DON team members
  • Breakroom Program: healthy snack basket, yogurt/oatmeal bar, sandwich station (corporate only)
  • L.E.A.D.Well Program (leadership development)
  • SmartSnacking Guide
  • Define Your Space (corporate only)
  • Zen Space (corporate only)

2018 Goals

  • Pilot Launch
  • Needs and Interest Survey
  • Development of Wellness Committee through WellChamp Program
    • Values
    • 2019 Wellness Program Success Strategies
    • Review of Biometric Screening/Needs and Interests Survey
  • Corporate Catering Guide/Parameters

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